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June 18, 2007

Barack Obama: Discussion

Photo of Barack Obama Barack Obama
Current Job/Position: Senator from Illinois
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia; Honolulu, Hawaii
Status: Statement of Candidacy 2/12/07
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About: Barack Obama, a Senator from Illinois; born in Honolulu, Hawaii, August 4, 1961; obtained early education in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Hawaii; continued education at Occidental College, Los Angeles, Calif., and Columbia University, New York City; studied law at Harvard University, where he became the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review, and received J.D. in 1992; lecturer on constitutional law, University of Chicago; member, Illinois State senate 1997-2004; elected as a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 2004 for term beginning January 3, 2005.
(from www.congress.gov)

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What do you think about Barack Obama?
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John Butler

What Are Your Plan For Taking Back America For The Average Person. You And I Both Know What Is Wrong With America Today.
It Is Run By Corporate America.It seams That Most Senators And
Congresman Have their Hand Out, Just Talk About Looking out
for The Average American.Just talk.

Thanks John

John Koehler

You seem to be in the "back pocket" of organized labor. How do you differentiate between lobbying by the big business of organized labor and the lobbying of manufacturers and other businesses. Why is one an important ally, and the other a special interest group. Isn't your stance rather self serving? Also, you appear to be a product of the Chicago Democratic machine. How can I keep a straight face knowing how that Chicago entanglement works, and you trying to come off as an ethical reformer? You seem like a good guy, but I believe an Obama presidency will not change how business is done in D.C.

Kevin Clark

As your constituent services staff has probably told you, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) often have difficulty obtaining medical care for service-related illnesses and injuries. Neither the Peace Corps nor the Department of Labor is empathetic when problems arise, and there is no one in either agency who will assist RPCVs in cutting through the bureaucratic red tape. As President, what would you do to rectify this problem?

Kevin Clark
RPCV - Yemen

Robert Johnson

In your belief that talking with leaders of nations such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela in your first year as president, don't you think it would be wiser to send a high level cabinet member or diplomat first to initiate talks and perhaps gain a sense of whether these leaders are willing to engage in legitmate and productive dialogue?
Also, what plans do you have to eliminate nuclear waste in an environmentally safe manner since you propose tocontinue with nuclear energy as a major energy source? It doesn't seem worth the risk of an environmental catastrophe or having nuclear materials in the wrong hands.


So, Barack, what's up with all the saber rattling on Pakistan? Would you withdraw the troops from Iraq and work on peace and stability in the region or would you just lead us into a different kind of war?


So, Barack, what's up with all the saber rattling on Pakistan? Would you withdraw the troops from Iraq and work on peace and stability in the region or would you just lead us into a different kind of war?


At Sunday's African American Day parade in New York, a150 person contingent led by Dr. Lenora Fulani marched up Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. chanting "Hillary and Obama Should Debate...Let the People Decide" while handing out invitations to join the call for a Harlem debate and conducting a survey among parade-goers lining the route. Thought you’d be interested in checking out out the “You Tube” video:


More information about the Committee for a Harlem Debate Between Clinton and Obama, check out www.independentvoting.org

Marjan Swantek

I like the way that Obama THINKS! It's TIME we had a Thinking
Man's (or Woman's) Prez & TIME 2 let some Young Blood (the Mixed kind) have some forging of American Policy & someone whom
REALLY knows what Global (Warming & Trade) means 2 the USA!!!!
The Environment comes First & 4most!! GO~Barack>>>>NOT Baroke!!
U've got MY Vote & I hope U have the Nation's VOTE, as well!


An interesting Hillary video that may sway your vote more toward Obama




A grassroots organization based in north carolina and dedicated to spreading Obama publicity, is looking for members and staff!

We need forum mods, site admins, writers, and any members willing to join!

Please contact me at Ellionator@gmail.com if interested!

ray karel

On Using Some Speech of Reverend Wright to Attack Barack Obama

Everyone in America who follows these things at all, whoever they are, knows that ministers in Black churches often express the deep resentments that many black people feel at the condition of African Americans in this
coountry. So did the Bandung conference on a world basis, And so do the great American writers and thinkers W.E.B. DuBois and ichard Wright and James Baldwin and Malcolm X, and many others and even some of the speeches of Martin Luther King.

If a Black candidate who partially shares in that culture goes as is natural to a well known Black church, perhaps that of his wife and her family, and adopts it for his own and commits to its religion - then to use the expression of such resentments by its minister to attack the candidate is to deny him the right to go to church or have any connection to the American Bllack heritage.

It is to assume that the only kind of expression legitimate in Americn politics is White expression, and when such attacks are done by sophisticated politicians it is a form of hypocrasy.

In this sense the using some speeches of Reverent Wright to attack the candidacy of Barack Obama is a form of racism
- and those who practice it should be ashamed.

ray karel


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John Kerry led by 6% on every poll until election day, and got his ass handed to him by losing bad on election day.
Obama is even more likely to have inflated poll figures, since the media is bullying people into thinking they should be Obama supporters.
Most self-respecting Americans will vote for McCain.
The media hype and these Rainbow marchers aren't going to change that.


I've seen headlines already. As soon as Obama won, a headline stated- "Change has Come" WTF? So this is the "change" we were all waiting for- just the fact black man became peresident??? Wow, you gotta love ingorance


Please read in your Bible the words of the apostle Paul in
I Thessalonissians 5:1-3
You will find interesting the link between the lasts days and the scream "Peace and securiity"


To everyone who didnt vote for Obama based on the fact that he is black or because you thought he was a terrorist, you should be ashamed of yourself for being so closed minded and discriminative. Im sure if you were a blind man you would have listened and agreed with his logic instead of casting it aside because you didnt want to hear what a black man had to say. You should not judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. As Obama definately has plenty of that. So anyone who posts negative comments are just scared of change. It is time for a change, there are no color barriers now. A black, red, and yellow man now has the will to do as a white man does. Because someone has shown him the way and that it is possible. I really needed this change, America needed this change. He will do good things for this country and I am proud to call him my leader. By the way, I am a 25 year old young white woman, who voted for Barack Obama not because I was afraid of another 4 years of the "bush administration" but because Obama is the future of this world, the right path.

Aztro Zero

What Do You Guys Think Of Obama's New Cereal???


Aztro Zero

what do you think of obama's new cereal





I agree with "Fred" above!


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