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June 13, 2007

Duncan Hunter on Iran

"With two conditions, and I think that you do have a dialogue with everybody, whether they’re adversaries or friends. The two conditions are: number one, they are moving deadly equipment across the border that is killing Americans in Iraq. We have license to utilize anything that we want to use — special operations, intelligence, whatever it takes — to stop that deadly equipment from moving across the border and hitting Americans in Iraq, and we don’t give that up with these talks.

Secondly, they’ve got about a thousand centrifuges now working, enriching the materials that can make at some point a nuclear device. The United States reserves the right to preempt, and we may have to preempt that nuclear weapons program. We cannot allow them to have a nuclear device.

With those two caveats, talk to your enemies...

I would authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons if there was no other way to preempt those particular centrifuges. When the Osirak reactor that was hit `86, when the six F-18s came over the horizon and knocked that out, they didn’t need anything but conventional weapons. Probably it’s going to take a little more than that. I don’t think it’s going to take tactical nukes."

Republican Presidential Debate, June 5, 2007


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