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August 22, 2007

Clinton: Fight the New War

Hillary Clinton said that "new tactics" were bringing "some success" in Iraq, in a speech to war vets on Monday.

"It's working. We're just years too late in changing our tactics," she said. "We can't ever let that happen again. We can't be fighting the last war. We have to keep preparing to fight the new war"

It is almost surreal to read Hillary gush over the success of the Troop Surge while at the same time attempting to give lip service to troop withdrawl. If Clinton truly does intend to reduce troop levels in Iraq, it seems to be entirely for the wrong reasons. Her speech also solidified her position of blaming Iraq's government for violence in the country:

"I do not think the Iraqis are ready to do what they have to do for themselves yet. I think it is unacceptable for our troops to be caught in the crossfire of a sectarian civil war while the Iraqi government is on vacation."

Original AP article here.


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