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August 28, 2007

Ron Paul warns of attack on Iran within a year

Speaking on the Alex Jones radio show today, Ron Paul warned that George Bush would attack Iran before the end of his presidency.

"If I were a betting man I would bet that they will attack Iran before the end of this administration, which means in the next year or so,"

Referring to the Naval and military buildup of US forces in the region, as well as contingency plans already in place at the Pentagon, Paul said:

The plans have been laid just like the plans were laid to go into Iraq a long time before they did but they had to wait for the right opportunity.

The radical Neo-Cons are still there - they may have been diminished a little bit but they're still very very influential and very very powerful and they have the President's ear so I think they're just laying the plans, waiting for the opportunity.

The warnings of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Pat Buchanan, and many, many others are underscored by the recent move by White House to label Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard corps, a military branch of 125,000 soldiers, as a "terrorist organization."


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