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September 11, 2007

Richardson in Vegas

While we waited for Governor Richardson to arrive, a Democratic party representative illustrated the simplicity of participating in a caucus, or a maucus, by asking participants to decide what pizza toppings are their favorite. When Bill Richardson finally took the stage outside, over an hour later-in front of his new office, under the mid-day Las Vegas sun, he reiterated the importance of winning Nevada. I could immediately see the appeal of the charming and personable Governor of New Mexico and why so many members of the community were out to support him in the blistering heat.

The majority of his 5-10 minute speech was dominated by thanking all of his key supporters, contributors, volunteers and the young boy who brought him his water. When he did discuss issues, he spoke in general terms about several issues, including the importance of green energy and that he would like “to move away from depending on countries that are not our friends, to control our oil”.

I met one woman who is shopping democratic candidates who came through town, but I imagine that she and others were left wanting more from this candidate who takes such great positions on so many important issues.

As soon as he was done speaking and came down from the podium, I found it odd that no one approached him. So, I was the first to shake the hand of the personable Governor-and had a chance to ask him about the issues. He shook it firmly, listened intently and looked me right in the eye said he would support a nuclear free US and a withdrawal of all troops from Iraq-immediately. He later reiterated this when he saw me again by nodding his head. Unfortunately, the rest of the potential supporters were not aware of this-as he failed to mention this in his short stop in Vegas today.


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