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September 26, 2007

Clinton: No Wallet Without Withdrawal

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has vowed not to vote for funding for the Iraq war without a withdrawal plan.

"I don't believe we should continue to vote for funding that has an open-ended commitment, that has no pressure on the Iraqi government to make the tough political decisions they have to make, or which really gives any urgency to the Bush administration's diplomatic efforts."

Suggesting that President Bush intends to leave troop removal for the next president, Senator Clinton vowed to end the war "as quickly and responsibly as I can." However, Clinton also said that troops will remain in Iraq after the conflict is ended. She has yet to specify how large the residual force will be, but said on CBS on Sunday that the number will be less than 100,000 troops. 160,000 troops are currently in Iraq, up from 130,000 earlier this year.

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