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September 25, 2007

Top three Democrats promise to vote against war funding unless troop withdrawl is attached

In a new campaign Ad, John Edwards has called on Congress to use their power over government spending to end the war:

Barack Obama has also taken a "No Timeline, No Money," stance on war funding as Congress braces for a historic debate over Bush's request for up to 190 Billion in war funding for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for the 2008 fiscal year.

We are going to bring an end to this war and I will fight now in the United
States Senate to make sure that we don't pass any funding bill that
does not have a deadline to start bringing our troops out.


Update: CNN reported that Hillary Clinton said on Sunday that she would not vote for a war spending bill that did not include a plan to start bringing the troops home. She called on Congress to support the troops by bringing them home, but also refused to speculate on when ALL of the troops could come home, saying that any funding plan should be "open-ended."

Action Alert: Put some pressure on Congress yourself! Join with us and pledge We will NOT vote for, contribute to, or volunteer for anyone who:

  • Votes against a concrete timeline for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
  • Votes to fund the war in Iraq without requiring that the funding be used for withdrawal of US troops, reconstruction, and regional diplomacy
  • Supports permanent US military bases in Iraq and a long-term occupation


Sign the Iraq pledge here.


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