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September 04, 2007

McCain jokes about draft for Mideast wars

It has only been a couple months since John McCain's infamous, awkward, and eerily prophetic "bad joke" about bombing Iran. Now McCain is joking about a draft. The News Tribune reported that, in response to a question regarding his age from a high school student, McCain responded:

"Thanks for the question, you little jerk,"

"You're drafted."

Surely, this can be written off as another bad joke. Still, let us not forget that McCain is using his campaign as a platform to argue in favor of the "troop surge" strategy and for an indefinite continuation of Iraq's occupation. McCain's comments, facetious or not, should be taken into context. Considering that Bush's war czar, Gen. Douglas Lute has stated that a draft “has always been an option on the table,” McCain's comments seem a little less tasteful. McCain also told the New Hampshire high school students:

"If this war continues much longer, there will be people in this audience who will serve in the military, who also may be going over there (in Iraq) or to Afghanistan,"

Peace Action West is committed to ensuring that no students graduate to war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Join with us and pledge We will NOT vote for, contribute to, or volunteer for anyone who:

  • Votes against a concrete timeline for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
  • Votes to fund the war in Iraq without requiring that the funding be used for withdrawal of US troops, reconstruction, and regional diplomacy
  • Supports permanent US military bases in Iraq and a long-term occupation


Sign the Iraq pledge here.

UPDATE: A video has even turned up on Youtube:


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Don Jonston

McCain just drop out of the race! You're not funny!

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