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October 19, 2007

Barack Obama in Las Vegas - October 18

Obama_1018 Senator Obama arrived at Cheyanne High School, greeted by about 1,500 people in a packed standing room-only auditorium. As the Senator walked in, I got a chance to shake his hand, while at the same time ask him face-to-face if he was going to end the war. To which he looked me dead in the eye, smiled and repeated twice, before climbing on the podium, “that’s what I’m going to do.”

In his speech he mentioned his plans to remove 1-2 brigades a month for the next 16 months until all the troops had been removed. He followed it by repeating three times, “I will end this war,” to standing ovations across the hall. 

During the question and answer segment , he called on me and I got the chance to ask him the following:

Thank you for calling on me Senator Obama. You spoke about leading by example, yet you have also said that you will leave ‘all options on the table when it comes to Iran’. If you are elected President, what will be your position on Iran with U.S. nuclear weapons, such as the Reliable Replacement Warhead?

He did not address the issue of whether or not he would use nuclear weapons in Iran, but he did proclaim loudly and clearly that "military solutions will not work in Iran and that we need to work on "better diplomatic relations" in the world. He also said that he “would reach out to Russia to begin nuclear non-proliferation."

It would be interesting to know if part of non-proliferation includes current U.S. stockpiles.


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