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October 13, 2007

Fred Thompson: Tail Between Our Legs

Siding with President Bush’s policy regarding this year’s 30,000 troop increase in Iraq during Tuesday’s Republican primary debate, Senator Fred Thompson introduced himself as a staunchly pro-war candidate, criticizing only the initial Iraq strategy.

“Clearly, to me, we didn’t go in with enough troops… But now we’re showing signs of progress.”

Thompson continued by criticizing troop withdrawal from Iraq.

“Now that we see a window of opportunity for things to turn around and us to stabilize that place and not have to leave with our tail between our legs.”

Criticizing the Democratic controlled congress, Fred Thompson stressed his belief that continued involvement in Iraq is essential to national security.

"It’s strange to me to think that the average 20-year-old serving us in Iraq knows more about what it takes for our national security than the average 20-year veteran on Capitol Hill.”

Senator Thompson also warned that withdrawal from Iraq “would make for a more dangerous United States of America.”

See the New York Times for a full transcript.


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