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October 22, 2007

Nevada Carpenters for Edwards – October 20

I attended the Carpenter's union hall meeting for John Edwards on Saturday morning, where several hundred union workers attended. The Carpenters Union in Nevada, one of the largest and most politically active unions in the state with over 12,000 members, endorsed Edwards for President last month. Edwards has also received support from the United Steel Workers of America and the Transport Workers of America, giving him the largest bloc of labor support for any presidential candidate in Nevada. They first showed a film about the erosion of the working class in the US, and went on to show Edwards commitment to the middle class labor issues. He did not take any questions after his presentation.
However, afterwards, I elbowed my way past throngs of eager carpenters to shake Senator Edward's hand, and had the opportunity to ask him if he was opposed to the development of new nuclear weapons in the US. He paused, smiled, turned to the crowd and said, "Yes, I am. And I can even do better than that—and would like to do away with all nuclear weapons".
Thank you very much Senator Edwards-that is exactly what I wanted to know!


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