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October 23, 2007

Senator Clinton Speaks in Las Vegas

Sunday morning, October 21st, Hilary Clinton held a "Discussion on Health Care" at a senior citizen

center in Las Vegas. I had my question specifically related to Voter for Peace campaign ready - which I

had to adapt since she was only discussing health care issues. My question was the following:

“Senator Clinton, you spoke about how the Bush administration’s misguided priorities would rather provide ‘no bid contracts to Halliburton, than improve our healthcare system; and recognize that ‘America is ready for change’. Generals and captains across the board have said that there is no military solution in Iraq - a war that is costing US tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars. If you are elected president, would you commit to an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq?”

However, as the Review Journal -Nevada’s daily newspaper, observed in their opening sentence from the article covering this event: “most people didn't want to ask her a question so much as tell her a

story” (http://www.lvrj.com/news/10711666.html). She made certain that the issue of health care

remained the focus calling only on the elderly, (one woman was sitting directly behind me, while my

hand was raised from the beginning of the Q&A) and the disabled.

Later that afternoon there was a Clinton rally, where she gave a brief summary of campaign issues, as was also observed by the Review Journal, “touching on foreign policy, the economy, education, energy and, of course, health care. The biggest cheer, as always at Democratic campaign events, came when she declared her commitment to ending the Iraq war.” I left the event feeling thirsty and hungry, with the words, of ‘when’ and ‘how’, racing through my mind.


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