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November 19, 2007

Clinton: I wouldn't ask Iran to give up nuclear power

Yesterdays Democratic debate in Nevada gave Sen. Hillary Clinton a chance to clarify her position on Iran. Clinton called for proactive diplomacy-- even hinting at negotiations without preconditions.
What I think is most important is that we have aggressive diplomacy with Iran. I believe that the Bush administration has allowed this situation to worsen and fester because they won't have any diplomatic relations of any sort with Iran. So what I would do is to immediately begin that kind of negotiation. And I wouldn't ask the Iranians to give up their quest for nuclear power or anything else. Get them to the table.
Clinton did not back away from her vote to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist entity.
The only thing I would add, in addition to thanking you for your service, is that, having been in Iraq, you know that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has assisted the militias and others in killing our Americans and in maiming them.
They have imported technology and technical assistance.
I believe they are a terrorist group. I think sanctioning them and putting some pressure on them is an important part of getting to the diplomatic table with both carrots and sticks.

Help prevent war with Iran by writing to your Senator and urging diplomacy and enforcing checks on the White House. PeaceActionWest.org's action alert makes it quick and easy.


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