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November 19, 2007

Edwards: Pakistan instability shows danger of nukes

At the Nov. 15, Nevada Democratic Debate, John Edwards used a interaction with Gov. Bill Richardson on Pakistan to link the conflict to the growing crisis of global nuclear proliferation.
Now, this leads to a bigger questions. I think Pakistan is the living, breathing example that America's ad hoc policy of dealing with the spread of nuclear weapons, while it's absolutely required in today's world given what's happening with Iran, given what we see today in Pakistan and the incredible fragility of the administration in Pakistan and the presidents of an extraordinary extremist element within Pakistan.
But this is the living, breathing example of a policy that will not work over the long-term -- I'm about to finish. What we have to do, what America needs to do and what I will do, as president of the United States, is to lead a long-term international effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons.
Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Bill Richardson also expressed concern over Pakistan, but did not tie the issue to the clear need for US leadership for a nuclear free world.


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