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November 20, 2007

Ron Paul Clarifies his position on Nuclear Weapons

Ron_paul_002_2 During a meet-and-greet with Ron Paul, Republican presidential candidate, I was able to ask him directly about his position on nuclear weapons. He said that he “is opposed to the development of new nuclear weapons, and for reducing the current stockpile”. 

All of his positions are direct departures from the current administration's. He said that “more freedom will make us all safer," and that “we must end the US empire” beginning in Iraq. He also said that we must “bring all US military bases”, which currently exist in “130 countries,” home immediately. He stated firmly to wide applause that contrary to what many Republican and Democratic candidates say, the congressional vote to label the Iranian guard “a terrorist organization” opened the door for another disastrous war. He also took on what certain candidates stated was the goal of this vote - to impose sanctions - as a form of verbal persuasion, to make Iran obey US demands. “Sanctions” he said, “are an act of war.”

He goes on to say that today’s “problems are not that complicated” and calls for a “return to the constitution”. He said he aims to be a unifying force because he believes that the “message of freedom brings everyone together," and added there is “no reason that we must give up any of our liberty to be safe.” Ron_paul_001_2




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