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September 12, 2007

Kucinich to Congress on 9/11 Resolution: Wake up to the Truth

Dennis Kucinich issued a press release on September 10th to urge Congress to wake up to the lies that took us to, and keep us in, the war on Iraq and are being used to build the case for war with Iran:

I honor the memory of those who died on September 11 and extend sympathies to their family members and to those who lost their lives trying to save lives.

I support the troops. I believe the best way to honor the memory of those who died on September 11 is to tell the truth of what the Administration did in the wake of September 11. The Bush Administration launched a war against Iraq, conflating the true tragedy of September 11 with lies about weapons of mass destruction.

On this, the sixth anniversary of September 11, it is important that Congress wake up to the truth and exercise its obligation under the Constitution to save our nation from being destroyed from the lies that took us into Iraq, the lies that keep us there, the lies that are being used to set the stage for war against Iran and the lies that have undermined our basic civil liberties here at home. The September 11 resolution that Congress considers today should have made reference to those matters. It does not, so I cannot support it.

This Administration long ago politicized the September 11 attacks, distorted it and dishonored it.  If Congress really wanted to honor the memory of those who died on September 11, we would cause the full truth to be told to the American people. If Congress really supported our troops we would bring them home and not provide more funding for the war

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August 22, 2007

Kucinich's Anti-War Platform Resonates With Public, Outrages ABC

As the mainstream Democratic candidates continue to alienate the party's base with ambiguous, insincere promises to reverse US foreign policy of perpetual aggression and dominance, Dennis Kucinich's message of diplomacy and nonviolence has catapulted him to the forefront of the race. Though corporate media would have us believe the public support of Kucinich is insignificant enough to write off his candidacy, he easily trounced the competition and came out as the leader of ABC's online post-debate poll.

Despite this shocking turn of events, ABC chose not to report the victory. Instead, the online poll was deleted, and replaced by a new poll, which Kucinich also handily won. ABC's response was to then remove the online poll entirely. In addition, Kucinich was cropped out of ABC's group photo of the candidates and virtually ignored in post debate reports. Apparently, like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich is being deliberately marginalized by the mainstream media. This video sums up ABC's obvious attemt to distort the debate results:

The good news is that ABC's politics page, where the online poll and debate coverage used to be, has been swamped with comments by outraged viewers:

August 15, 2007

Kucinich: 'Belligerent' Bush Admin. trying to 'deceive' US into 'yet another war'

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), one of the most anti-war members of the House, accused the Bush Administration's labeling of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization a prelude for war there.

"The belligerent Bush Administration is using this pending designation to convince the American public into accepting that a war with Iran is inevitable," Kucinich said. "This designation will set the stage for more chaos in the region because it undercuts all of our diplomatic efforts."

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June 24, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Votes On Iraq

Voted NO on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. (Jun 2006)
Voted NO on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)


View the Peace Action West 2006 Congressional Scorecard (600k)

June 13, 2007

Dennis Kucinich On Iran

“Time and time again, Iran has offered to enter into dialogue with the United States, including an offer to resolve tension with the state of Israel. But this Administration has shut the door to dialogue and put the United States on a track toward a military conflict with Iran.

Instead of sending a second aircraft carrier toward the Persian Gulf, the United States should be focused on promoting diplomatic talks. The news of the Iranian release of British captives proves that we can talk to Iran to solve our differences, and we should.”

Press Release, April 4, 2007

June 12, 2007

Dennis Kucinich On New Nuclear Weapons

"[I will take the United States in a] different direction…[including] getting rid of all nuclear weapons."

04/07, Democratic Presidential Debate

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